The Marble Garden

"At my age I only want to see pretty things!" - Pat Jensen.

The Marble Garden was created for my mother because of her quote above. The empty lot located at 28th Street and Remington Avenue was an utter disaster. It's also an eye sore on the route to Jensen Plumbing. So the crew decided to clean the area up on a slow business day. During the clean-up we found an over-whelming amount of marbles. It was this day a vision was born. So the crew and some neighbors got to work. Close friend, Timmy Doherty, created the "Marble Garden," seen above, with some of the marbles found at the site.

Sometime later I came across a neighbor disposing of a trash can full of metal weights. With torch in hand, Steve Sanders and I welded together two chairs, a couch and a table. Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end. A few years later someone stole the furniture. "It broke my heart."


The Mace Street Alley Garden

Just like the Marble Garden, the Alley Street Garden was born because of how much of an eyesore it was in the community. A purchased a couple of buckets filled with dirt and started plating some day lilies. The next thing I knew (my plan all along) the neighbors became interested in helping to finish the entire alley. With a truck load of dirt and some railroad beams, the neighborhood joined together to plant flowers and trees. Again, Steve Sanders lended his welding talents and created some artwork to hold the railroad beams together. The neighborhood is still united strong and taking care of the garden. 

The Wyman House Community Garden

The Wyman House is a HUD housing complex located one block from Jensen Plumbing. Unfortunately, the complex would only mow their lawn about twice a year and it looked extremely bad. Without permission, I started to maintain their lawn. I never heard a complaint... So I started planting flowers and trees. Soon after the manager of the complex noticed my efforts and compensated me with a parking spot at the Wyman House lot behind Jensen Plumbing. Of course, "No good deed goes without punishment." A new manager took the reigns at the Wyman Complex and was not has pleased with my landscaping. My Jensen Plumbing van has now been towed four times.