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The Tradesmen: Making an Art of Work

Jensen Plumbing Service Owner, Christoper Jensen, has been featured in a new documentary filmed by Baltimore native, Richard Yeagley.

The Tradesmen: Making an Art of Work is an exploratory social documentary. It engages the viewer as they watch the vocational lives of several tradesmen and will discuss the issues encompassing the trades in contemporary America. The documentary is a real and unflinching look at the lives and work of the modern tradesman and is an exposition into the socioeconomic topics relating to the modern blue-collar craftsman.

The documentary examines the work, idiosyncrasies, and personal convictions of a multitude of working professionals, including two plumbers, a stone/brick mason, and several carpenters. Interspersed with the capturing of the documented tradesmen, will be interviews with academic subjects on issues pertaining to the socioeconomic, intellectual, and philosophical aspects underlying many aspects related to modern trade work. The hybrid presentation includes a balance of academic analysis as well as observational and direct documentation.

For more information on the film please visit The Tradesmen Documentary. Check out screen shots from the film below featuring Christopher Jensen. • June 13, 2011


Best of Baltimore Winner!

The votes have been tallied. The results are in... Jensen Plumbing Service is the Baltimore City Paper's "Best Of Baltimore" Plumber. This is the third time the Jensen Plumbing Service has received such an honor including 2004 and 2005.

Chris Jensen, Owner, was in attendance this past week at the City Paper's Best Of Baltimore Party with family in arms. (Below)


The City Paper created custom coasters. They were delivered and served as notification of the results for all the winners! 


Urbanite Magazine Feature

Urbanite Magazine has featured Chris Jensen in their September issue. The article, Everyman Art Collector, takes you through the art collection that fills the halls of Jensen plumbing. Below are a few excerpts from the piece. For the full article visit Urbanite Magazine.

...Jensen’s trim Charles Village home brims with more than a hundred framed paintings and sculptures. Works spill down the stairway walls and crowd a small bathroom. Art abounds, and little of it of the mass-produced reproduction variety...

...Jensen describes the core of his collection as “original oil paintings,” but that’s a pretty broad brush. He’s the first to admit there’s little rhyme or reason to his tastes or display aesthetics. And so there are abstracts, next to nudes, next to pop art, next to fiber art, next to … what exactly is that?...

...“If people think of me as a stereotypical plumber they have no clue,” Jensen says with a smile... -Brennen Jensen (no relation)

1st Annual Charm City Rockers vs. Mods Rally

This past weekend Brewer's Landing held the 1st Annual Charm City Rockers vs. Mods Rally.

"This event recreates the nostalgia of the original British Scooter riding "Mods" and Motorcycle "Rockers" riding groups of the late 1950's through mid 1960's. This event will feature a judged bike show, a 1950/60's pin up contest by Cat Fight Photography, live music by the Motorettes, a scooter/motorcycle fun run and many other attractions and activities."

Jensen Plumbing owner, Chris jensen (pictured Left), sponsored the event. Chris was also invited to celebrity judge for the 1950/60's pin up contest. More pictures of the event may be found at Charm City Mods vs. Rockers.